Day: March 16, 2018

Pirates, Vader, and Questionable Nose Boops

Jackie Pick

I have a lot to say about the ridiculous notion that “women aren’t funny.” While most people in comedy would balk at that, I have over a decade of experience in that world that confirms that there is a very narrow lane for women, a lane that thankfully more and more women are trying to widen.

That’s a deep discussion for another time (where I am more than happy to tell you how many times in various improv classes I was told to “be ok” with constantly being assigned to play a hooker because if I were any good, I could be THE SMARTEST HOOKER IN THE ROOM!).

I want to focus on the future. Namely on my daughter.

And because I was a COMEDY STUDENT, I will give three examples. If you do not understand why three, then you are NOT A STUDENT OF COMEDY, LIKE I.

Six months…

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