Day: January 19, 2018

Fairies, Bees, and Hearing Crickets

Jackie Pick

Some things that drove me a little buggy this week.

I won’t go into how we found camel crickets in my office, and I am not the type of person who will show pictures of them for shock value, but rest assured they are ugly and the size of a small European automobile. Fortunately, I have both a husband and one child up for the tasks of insect removal and abatement.

Beyond that, bugs of a different sort entered our lives recently.

Fairies. Whatever spectrum fairies are on, my daughter is right there while I’m light years away. My daughter floats about in whimsy while I practice the darker arts of humor and eating kale for my health.

“I lost a bet today, Mama.”

I ran right to my shelf of parenting books and looked in all the tables of contents. Nothing. Not even in What to Expect When Your…

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