Month in Review — Probably Shouldn’t Have Woken Me Up When September Ended

Jackie Pick

Usually, I type up the Month In Review posts either the last day of the month or the first of the next month. And here I was all fired up about Hugh Hefner and the hero treatment the man is receiving …

then Las Vegas.

So. Here we are again. My words on this topic won’t matter. We’ve shot people every day. We’ve not stopped it. Not after it happened in a club, in a church, or in a classroom.

I am in perpetual mourning. For victims of hate, victims of catastrophe, victims of senseless violence. Victims of ideologies. Victims of climate change deniers. Victims of the NRA.

My sorrow is deep and the reactions are predictable.

I will act, and I will donate, and I will put my feet to the pavement.

…And I will share what helped make September bearable, or at least escapable for bursts:

Maybe this

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