Surviving Summer Fun Times YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Jackie Pick

Wondering about the great life decisions I made to get to this point? Check out the last Sweet Summer Funtimes update here.

This week’s tired analogy: Summer is Groundhog Day.  (The movie, not the holiday, although I’m not counting out that soon I will have reason to write that summer is like the holiday.) Repeatedly making sure everyone gets to their fun activities, making sure the house is still functioning and everybody is fed, things are taking care of. You know, the adult stuff, the stuff that reminds you that in large part, summer just isn’t the same as an adult. So, in an effort to prepare my children for adulthood, every day I yell say forcefully, “Pay attention and enjoy it while it lasts, kids, because when you’re my age in a million years, you still have responsibilities and you can’t do them with chocolate ice cream smeared…

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