Month in Review: June Bust(ed Out All Over)

Jackie Pick

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

People are forever incredulous that time passes.  First of the month, last of the year, that sort of thing. “I can’t believe it’s July 1!” Well, I can. The first half of the year stomped merrily on (my face) and hallo July!

Every year, my expectations for June are high; I have a compulsion to slow down, enjoy, and savor – June seems as good a time as any to start that. Instead, that month always seems to ooze and pelt rather than bust out.

I want life in June to revolve around the outdoors and fireflies and porch swings – all the sloppy yesteryear romance of a Country Time Lemonade commercial. Somehow that hasn’t quite happened. Not yet at least.

Yesterday I made a Nutella pie which I wanted stick my face in and eat in cartoon fashion, ending with my tongue coming out…

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