No Filter

Jackie Pick

When I’m Old, will I be a regular feature on my children’s social media?

Will my children find me cute enough to let my image ride the waves of the internet, opening their arms to comments about me and them and us together?

Will I have to stop whatever I’m doing and pose for pictures because some day someone may want to see them?

If my hip or spleen or heart fails, or my sun damage turns dangerous, will they post pictures of me during diagnosis and treatment? Will these photos of me at my most human be scrolled past or receive an AMEN? Will I be a virtual trooper?

Or just Old and voiceless? (But Blessed, of course).

Will #TBT show me when I was young and get responses of “Wow!” and “Check out how hot Old was!”?

Will there be pictures of me on my birthday, in silly clothes, party hats…

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