Day: November 3, 2016

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Jackie Pick

It’s been a day of fits and starts, yet surprising output.

I realize how much I love the writing part as opposed to the editing part. Writing is wave after wave of hope and possibility. Editing attempts to strictly discipline those waves.


Most of today’s work will need the softening of time. Right now the humor is biting. With a little time and some careful rework, it should mostly nibble with the occasional chomp, which is how I like my humor. Less zombie, more almost-too-cold ice cream.

Today’s Stats:

  • Essay: “Cubs Win — Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?!!!”  675 Words
  • Essay: “November Surprise: They Won’t Sleep Through the Night Until They Leave Home” 1725 Words
  • Short Story: “Pie Trauma” (working title)  885 words

Daily Word Count: 3285

Total Word Count: 8950

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