Mother’s Day 2016

Jackie Pick

We’re all doing the best we can.
It might just be my Facebook feed, but it seems the anti-Mother’s Day sentiments are abundant this year. It’s a Hallmark Holiday. It’s forced. It’s cruel to some. It’s insensitive. How dare you?
*And those are legitimate.*
This day is painful for many people. We can’t escape the carnations and brunches and hurt.
But 364 days a year, many of us mothers are told “You’re not enough.”
Not cool enough. Not smart enough. Not interesting enough. Not working enough. Not home enough. Not raising them well enough. Not taking enough “me” time. Not spending enough time with the children. Or the spouse. Or the friends. Not thin enough. Not ignoring societal messages enough. Not listening to them enough. Not original enough. Not pristine enough. Not tough enough.
Not right enough.
And some of these trickle into…

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