Donald Trump, A Woolly Mammoth, and a Banana Walk Into a Lowered Bar

People of America,

I had planned to bring you a nice blog piece this week about life, liberty, and my general pursuit of cake. However, something much more critical was brought to my attention.

The probably stoned good bros folks at will now sell you some of the most relevant costumes for your offices Halloween party/budget meeting.

Sexy Trump, carefully disguised as a costume called “Donna T. Rumpshaker” which is both a wink at Trump and a wink at any woman who wants to be taken seriously on Halloween, in the board room, or in life.

Also capturing the 2015 zeitgeist:

Sexy Woolly Mammoth! Don’t ask why this is a thing. It’s a thing. Don’t you even understand evolutionary biology?

(Bonus, ladies: No need for a bikini wax before wearing this probably Zoological Society-Approved costume!)

May I be serious for a moment? Would one of you good readers with an advanced degree explain to me why Sexy Donald Trump and Sexy Woolly Mammoth are two separate costumes? You may insert your own Trump Hair joke or your own Stone Age joke.  He certainly inserts his own every time he’s on my screen.

And for the discerning gentleman who wishes to accompany his lady after she spends hours shoving herself into these or any of the other wedgie-producing Halloween costumes and then putting on lots of makeup to complete the look?

In the time it takes to take your Totino’s Pizza Rolls out of your toaster oven, you can throw this on and hold out your arm so I can dangle my glamorous self from it.


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