I have updated my About page. Check it out!

I am spending moments this summer updating the look of my page and showing my writing the loving care it deserves, honoring my writing time, taking it seriously by playing with it each day. I am writing 6 days a week now, between moments I spend breathless with my children. These are happy days with the slow and relatively stress-free pace of summer — I am constantly cocking an eye towards the heavens in search of that dreaded other shoe, which I assume is a pointy stiletto aimed for my eyeball.

I just finished reading Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It is a tremendous and oddly captivating novel, and the first time I’ve cried while reading in a long time. Read it for the music of the language alone, although the plot is similarly captivating.

Speaking of updates, here is a little throwback to a short film I worked on last year called Update.

I’m off to write. The day is warm and rainy.



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