Live Blogging My Sick Day Pt. 2

9:00 Master of Motherhood, I quickly figure out that if I let my daughter watch television, I may buy myself a few minutes to close my eyes and gather enough strength to meet an impending deadline. Thaaaank yooooou, Dora!

9:05 Screeeeeew yoooooou, Dora! Your unabashed enthusiasm and oddly placed syllabic emphasis is like tiny drill bees in my ear holes. Changing the channel makes daughter fuss. Stuck stuck stuck.

10:00 Stare at work. Maybe coffee will help.

10:45 Realize coffee doesn’t help.

11:00 Toddler asks for pasta for lunch. Ask toddler if the rotini with the broccoli in it is ok. Toddler is excited for said pasta.

11:01 Warm up pasta.

11:03 Begin process of picking every last broccoli bud out of the rotini curves because toddler suddenly hates broccoli and I don’t want to stand up and make a different lunch.

11:05 Give up and gets toddler yogurt.

11:05:30 Get toddler her favorite spoon and not the evil spoon she’s currently holding.

11:05:45 Get toddler the other favorite spoon.

11:30 Just as writing inspiration hits, toddler wants me to wave arms along with the Little Einsteins. I try to type with my toes and end up accidentally tweeting my most successful tweet to date. (And I was on iTunes at the time…go figure.)




2 thoughts on “Live Blogging My Sick Day Pt. 2

  1. More please! Or did you finally get to close your eyes? I’m very entertained by this! IT could easily be a scene in a play of some sort or at the very least a pod cast.
    I hope you feel better soon or at least put the monsters down for their naps.


    1. I’ve been staring at a certain script for a few hours and not finding it funny…or fit for human consumption. Big decisions to be made. NAPS? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN NAPS! MORE SNACKS!!!


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