Hello, Friend!

I’ve been writing…glorious hours every day. I’ve been loving the feel of my pens in my various notebooks (an “ideas” notebook, my daily journal, and — glory be! — my current writing projects, of which there are three.)  It’s that wonderful zen flow I’ve waited so long for, the headspace that eluded me for awhile.  I’ve settled nicely into that wonderful feeling of seeking out moments to write during the day, of waking up early in the morning to just work in a few more paragraphs, of dishes now taking twice as long to complete because every few passes of the sponge brings me to a new idea that I must write down as soon as I dry my hands.

The cozy creative space.

I promised myself not to come here until I could bring something to the virtual table.  What I cannot do is bring writing works-in-progress here, as sadly, I had two ideas stolen from this very blog by someone who is in a position of authority in the theater world.  I’m not pursuing that. I chose to think (a) that’s a compliment, albeit a dirty one and (b) this blog is my junk drawer. There’s always more where this came from.

As works are published and produced and copyrighted, I will share more.  For now, I am blissful and the housework is less a procrastination tool or an excuse to rail against my own block than it is a place to let repetitive tasks let my mind wander.

The great creative flow came, not coincidentally, after saying “no, thank you” to some aspects of my life that I was doing out of guilt rather than purpose.  All that extra time is now going to be volunteered to myself. I still do my community work, I still have my wonderful friendships, I still participate in my children’s schools. I’ve just pruned away anything I truly resented agreeing to (after fulfilling the obligations) and anyone who I felt exhausted interacting with.

My 2015 mantra, at least for the first quarter of it, is COZY. I wish to incorporate into my life and the lives of my family elements of comfort, softness, and cushion.  I’m using the “good” blankets that are squishy. I’m making the “good” hot chocolate with “company” marshmallows. I’m wearing my fingerless gloves and infinity scarves in the house. I’m at the point in knitting my daughter’s new blanket that it drapes across my own lap. It’s a warm, soft hug that I hope gives her as much happiness as the last one has — she has literally loved holes into it.

Cozy, creative, productive 2015 so far.  I’ll ignore the fact that we’re only four days in.


3 thoughts on “Cozy

  1. Ideas stolen?! We are outraged! We want names. We well shame this name. (or have them pay you royalties in chocolate) Set yourself up a drop box or dump into mine so I can read a little of your work. I promise to not steel a thing. Misquote yes, steel never.


  2. Ha! No names! (Not here, at least…*naughty JP*)

    I will dropbox once I begin to format it, rather than have pages and pages of “After the nuns do a kickline, write those seven jokes down off that cocktail napkin that’s in your purse.” So, soon.


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