Day: December 27, 2013

Why Did I Stop?

My last post was ages ago. I need to write. I always feel this push to write and blog as the solstice hits. Writing is my warm blanket, my wooly socks, my hearth.

I stopped, I believe, because I couldn’t ignore the inner critic. It’s dumb. Who cares? This isn’t important. This doesn’t matter. This isn’t funny enough. This isn’t serious enough. This writing isn’t as good as it used to be.

In other words: I’m dumb. Who cares about me? I’m not important. I don’t matter. I’m not funny enough. I’m not serious enough. I’m not as good as I used to be.

Even if that’s true, and that would be pretty harsh, the only way to push past, push through, or ignore completely is to try again. And again. And again.

So I promise once again. But not to you. To me.

See you tomorrow. I’m not waiting for life to keep giving me convenient New Years and New Starts.