Day: September 19, 2012

Baking and Burning — Happy and Sweet New Year!

I’ve been having a bit of a blast with the news that there have been some documents uncovered which suggest Jesus was married.  My #MrsJesus hashtag is just waiting to take off all over Twitter.  At this point, it seems I’m really only amusing myself with them.

Speaking of religion, Belated Happy New Year to all members of the Tribe!  While I was relieved sad to miss a huge family dinner with my in-laws due to Monkey L. having a cough that would render anyone’s appetite null, I did get to send along two desserts.

The first? Apple pie, of course. Apples and Rosh Hashana go together like, well, apple and pie.  The recipe is from Baked! New Frontiers in Baking, which is available here.   It’s got some whiskey in it. The whiskey is perfection.  Isn’t it always, though?

Here’s how it looked. Apparently it lasted about 3 seconds at the table. It’s that damned good.

The apple goodness tried to escape from the crust. It was a battle. Everyone was a winner.

The second dessert is a little something I like to call Perfection. It’s a flourless chocolate torte. Same source. Also perfection. Impressive to look at. Takes a little time, but there is nothing difficult about it.  Huzzy, bless him, brought some home. It was the least they could save me after keeping the Child With The Plague away from them for the night.

The picture does not do this justice. This should be painted on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. Choirs of angels sing when this is placed on the table. The book says it serves something like 12 people. That’s only if you are nice enough to share. Probably a good idea if there are angels around.