2012 Goals — Week 29

Delayed from yesterday…

Exercise in some capacity for at least 15 minutes 15 days a month. Big changes this week.  Despite hosting two (TWO?!!!) dinners this week with desserts, I lost a pound and a half.  I hauled my lazy ass onto the elliptical machine downstairs. 30 minutes. 3 times this week. No other changes other than eating a little more.  I actually like exercising…it’s just not a priority because everyone else’s needs come first. I only have certain windows of this chunk of time in the day, and Huzzy has to be available to watch the kids.  If I get up at five, the boys get up with me…so that’s not a great option.  But I found the time. I’m happy.  I’m scared to stop doing it (like today, I will not be able to workout) because I know if I don’t do something like this every day for at least a few weeks, I’m likely to not return to it.)  Must. Stay. Motivated! I’m now about 3.8 pounds from my “Happy High Weight,” 5.8 pounds from my “Happy Weight” and 7.8 pounds from my all-time goal.  Yay!

Write here every day for at least 5 minutes and for at least 2 minutes in my “Line a Day” 5 year journal.  It’s a good habit. I’m happy to be writing again.   I worry that I’m whiny sometimes. Then I stop worrying.  Worry makes me grind my teeth.

Have something I write/create be shared in a public space (à la performance, someone else publishing it, etc) by end of year. STILL waiting. The music director has been in a bit of a personal funk.  May have to move on to something else. I don’t feel right putting this show up without her.

Re-learn the piano, playing at least 5 times a week (emphasis on playing) Waiting on my banjo lessons.

Make two new gal pals and/or strengthen relationship with 2 women I already know so I can consider us good friends and not just acquaintances. Knitting resumes in a month. Today meeting a gal pal for dinner and a short show.  

Figure out how to make turning 40 fabulous. Wrinkles, man.  Wrinkles.

Take one picture a day for the entire year.  Been bad about this as well. I feel in a life rut, really. How many times can I take a picture of the kids doing essentially the same things? Time for an adventure or seven!


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