Baking and Burning

Well, I’m burned out. Does that count? So, as an ode to my burning out, some random thoughts:
Monkey L is sick still. It’s just a cough, so he’s still fully capable of screaming “MAMA!” every three seconds, mostly when I’m in the bathroom. Note to self: I will not be able to go to the bathroom uninterrupted for another 18 years.

When the kids nap, I’m catching up on the Walking Dead. Why are the women on that show all skinny enough for their sternums to show?

Didn’t get to knitting this week due to sick child.  Good thing I am not in desperate need of a pot mitt.

All I want are carbs. All I want is to get to my target weight so I can have an eating binge…which is, you know, stupid.  But damn if a girly girly chocolatey mudslidey alcoholy drink doesn’t sound heavenly right now.

As far as baking goes — I’ve made giant batches of oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with Reese’s Pieces.  A third of the batch will go to my nephew, who is currently sweltering at camp. (And who doesn’t want peanut buttery treats when it’s 100 degrees?) A third went to our new neighbors (we did a welcome wagon…and they were honestly shocked. I guess folks don’t do that anymore.) A third went to us.

They taunt me, the cookies.


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