Sunday Shorts

It is typical of (my) life that I planned for a day of Nothingness. I’ve been busy, working for others, waiting on others, cleaning, planning, doing for months. My decks were cleared. I was going to clean the house yesterday and spend today in my pjs cuddling the Beany while the boys had their regular scheduled Sunday (a little Wii, a lot of outside time with Daddy.)
At 7 last night, my mother-in-law invites us to a casual lunch for Sunday, because they didn’t go to the 4th of July festivities.

I lost an hour of Nothingness this morning, as I had to shower today.  And get out of my pajamas. And put on makeup. And deodorant.  I had to get the kids ready and pack giant bags of diapers,  toys, bottles, changes of clothes, and wipes, (important: when a kid is 99% potty trained, that 1% will occur at my in-laws, who have white carpet and white couches.)

I lost another three hours of Nothingness (which became Doing) at  the inlaws as I chased two boys off said white couches, off a frail grandfather, and off the gong that my inlaws have in their living room.  A gong, damn it.  And the baby spit up a lot.

All of this means I will lose another 6 hours today drinking.

Which means tomorrow will be a bit of a wash due to probable hangover.


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