Baking and Burning — July 4

Were I to go outside, that’s exactly what I would do…bake n’ burn. Yuck. There is no joy in humid 100 degree weather. I’m skipping the inlaw festivities at their club, and baby is staying home with me. It’s too hot for her, too hot and noisy for me (I love the look of fireworks, but the noise level is painful for me.)

I feel for the young adults who take summer jobs at clubs and pools across the nation. Today, many of them are grilling. What a whole lot of disgusting for them.

About as disgusting as I would imagine any potato salad would be outside today. I’ll stick to a homemade salad today, thank you very much.

Enjoy your day no matter how and if you celebrate. I choose to look for 1776 on cable.


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