Bumpdate — June 25

I’m back.  I’m no longer pregnant, I’m getting sleep, and my brain seems to be getting back to normal.

Kyra Simone was born via c-section on April 8 at 12:17 in the afternoon, after giving us all a good scare.  Then she gave us a good scare after she was born, requiring a little time in the NICU.

She’s healthy as a horse now. Sleeping. Eating. Charming the socks off of me for 11 weeks and 1 day now.

The boys are almost four and are quite awesome, with a few stretches of insane howler monkey tying it all together.  They are praised often for their manners, demeanor, and intelligence. I am proud of them and their growth.

I completed a musical. Waiting to hear if it will go up. It’s out of my hands now. I am proud…and tired.

And I feel balanced and am again able to look forward and wonder. I need to wonder here.


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