Bumpdates! 28w 4 d…and news

That cheesy grin hides the fact that if you didn't see my top half, it'd be hard to figure out which side was the bump and which was my ass.


I am big. I am thrilled at how Baby is growing. I am nervous about my weigh-in on Thursday.  This one crept up on me.


Baby girl gave DH quite the show last night. She has been very coy about kicking when he puts his hand on my belly. Last night she made up for lost time and kicked up a storm (much to my belly’s protest).  Good girl.

I’m floating right now. Floating. The synopses I offered last week are getting preliminary positive feedback. Did I mention floating?

I know I need to keep working through the baby stuff, the gender stuff…but right now I want to bask in the feedback and the sense that my zaniness is being (momentarily) applauded…especially when I had so much fun writing.

I want to bask in the happiness that I feel that Monkey J is having nothing but success at school these days.

I want to bask in L’s sticky kisses, which he bestows on me every morning without fail.

I want to bask in the love that greets me every day in my little world.

Today is for basking and reflecting it back.


Love to you all.


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