Baking and Burning — Not Bowled Over by Vanilla Cherry Cupcakes

This is another quickly. Huzzy has been sick, the boys up with nightmare the last two nights, and damn it all if half of my front (ahem, “upper right lateral”) veneer just broke off. I look like a bad impression of a hillbilly.  I am afraid to eat solid food until my dental appointment tomorrow, worried the other half will crack off while I’m eating. I don’t want to swallow that.

I look like a jerk.

I hate going to the dentist because I grind my teeth and he seems to think I’m doing it on purpose. (I do wear a mouth guard, but I can’t wear it during the day.)

So I’m grumpy and tired.  The whole “unexpected dental situation” comes at a pretty crappy time. I needed tomorrow to rest. I’m supposed to be resting.  I needed it to clean…Huzzy’s cousin is coming into town for one day and of course wants to see my (shed pet fur and crumb covered) house.

A look back on happier times about a week ago.

We’d promised Monkey J that if he (ever) pooped in the potty, we’d have a celebratory bowling party with his older cousins. Well, it was bound to happen at some point.

I asked Monkey J what kind of cupcakes. Out of the blue he said, “Yellow with cherry on top.”

Yeah, I know.

So I made vanilla bean cupcakes with cherry pie filling. On top I put a version of 7-minute frosting that was mostly marshmallow fluff, and then a marichino cherry on top.

Minor sugar bomb, very very sticky, but overall pretty yummy. Definitely cute.  I wouldn’t make these again with the same frosting. Either just a cherry on top or a little buttercream dollop with the cherry. Or perhaps just whipped cream and some sprinkles.

I’d say something about sinking my teeth into these but…well…


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