(I know my entries of late have been brief. I am working on a project and it is taking up a lot of my time and mental space.)

I work very hard at doing as much of my job(s) as humanly possible without bothering others, particularly my bosses. I tend to problem solve and come to the table with solutions.

I keep communication short and precise.

If I ask a question, it’s because I need the answer to do my job.

I’ve sent four emails over the course of the last few weeks asking silly things like, “When do you need me to report to work? How many people are involved in this project? Do you prefer x or y?”

Only four emails asking for information so I can do my job. I don’t get a response. Literally. Unreturned.

I have to plan for several possibilities because I am not getting answers that direct me towards one path or another.

This, I have learned, causes me more stress than anything else in my entire life, save my Master’s Thesis presentation and defense.

At least I got to wear a really funky hat when that was done.

Thank you. End rant.


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