Day: May 18, 2011


Last night I attended a board party for my children’s preschool.  There were about 40 mamas there.

Not one was boring.

Each was educated, dynamic, and doing the very best for her children.  Some working outside the home, some pausing careers to focus on their young families.  None of us feeling completely confident in either of those decisions.

All of us wore a vague look of desperation – desperate for the world (and ourselves) not to forget they are fully formed people, not giant attachments to their offspring.  Most of us looked tired.

Amid the expected chit chat about school and potty training (yes, really) and summer camps and play dates were discussions of current events, arts, and various day jobs held in this and previous lives.

Happily, no one was wearing the suburban mom uniform of yoga pants and hoodie.

Unsurprisingly, I was one of only three people actually eating from the massive spread.

I’m fairly sure at least one of the other two eaters will purge what she binged on.

Look, some of these SubMom (will that catch on?) stereotypes must be based in reality.

* No manicures were harmed in the typing of this blog.