Get This Kid an Agent and Me a Tissue

Scene: Bedtime for two toddlers. A father is reading a bedtime story or three. For his amusement and that of his wife and two toddlers, he changes up storylines, plots, characters, or entire subtexts. This is not unusual.

Dad: (Riffing on “Sesame Street Presents: Big and Little”) Snuffleuppagusses have big furry tails. Prairie Dawn has a little bitty fuzzy tail.

The boys (laughing uproariously): No!  Prairie Dawn no have tail.

Dad: That’s right!

Boy #1: Prairie Dawn has a tushie.

Dad: Yes.  She has a little tushie.

Boy #1: (looking at his mother) Mommy has a big tushie.


(Boy #1 is grounded.)


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