Not an A-hole this week, OR Maybe I should just start every project with a good sob…

Sobbing seems to reset me. It’s as though the self-pity overflows and exits via the tear ducts.

Then I find the fun.

Once the “Woe is me” cry happened after that first rehearsal, I worked. I worked hard. The songs wiggled and jiggled and tickled at odd moments of housework and baby care and nodding off.

It became something I couldn’t not do. I felt good. I felt great. I was having fun!

Had a wonderful rehearsal with it, which I will blog about more later on. I felt successful. I felt I was in the right place doing the right thing. I felt inspiring. I put young 20-somethings at ease and (hopefully) made them feel like they will shine.

I keep promising certain topics and I have a list of “things to get back to” which I will. Life is calming down.

I finally had that feeling in an improv/sketch comedy/Chicago theater show. I’ve only been waiting 2 years. 



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