Tag: Mama is definitely not sick


With three kids and a husband down with the flu for a month (what? Me get it? Not allowed) longer posts are a bit of a dream.

To tide us over, here are some random sleep-deprived thoughts I’ve shared with the never-judgmental people on Twitter.

  • Parenthood: where every family dinner becomes an unwitting jug band performance.
  • Rooting for the Cubs is like getting back together with an ex. You think this time will be different. There is new magic mixed with the comfortable…and then the familiar hurt.
  • Yesterday I felt like I was run over by the truck from Maximum Overdrive. Today I feel like I was run over by Ed Begley Jr’s car. You may insert your own road to recovery joke here.

If you’d like to be absolutely NOT suffering the flu with me, or just for some smallish giggles, you can find me here on Twitter.

Send Tylenol.